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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Researching Your Civil War Ancestor: Johnny Reb or Billy Yank

Researching Your Civil War Ancestor: Johnny Reb or Billy Yank

The seminar will explore a wide variety of records about soldiers as well as people with Union sympathies, those who supported the South, and those who just tried to keep out of the way. Mary Helms, Head of Local History and Genealogy, will illustrate how to use many sources, such as Official Records, 1890 Special Census Schedule, Southern Claims Commission, and research on the Internet, including Fold3 and Ancestry. For more information call 757-5317 or email
Open to the public at no charge as part of the recognition of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Dec. 7 at Downtown Library
Dec. 14 at Eastgate Library
Dec. 21 at Northgate Library

Thursday, November 14, 2013

CCH Historical Society Meeting to Highlight Veterans

The Charleston-Calhoun-Hiwassee Historical Society will meet Sunday November 17 at 3 p.m. at The Hiwassee River Heritage Center in Charleston.   Laura Spann of Whitebluff, TN will present a program on the recent discovery of more than twenty veteran’s graves in the Calhoun Cemetery, whose roles in prior wars had not been known.  For many years, various groups in Calhoun have placed flags on the graves of veterans buried in the cemetery, and this recent finding will give these newly discovered veterans the recognition they deserve as part of history. 
Several of the veterans, including the names of Bates, McCarty, Workman, and McClatchey served in the War of 1812 while others served in the Civil War.  There are fascinating stories connected with each of them, several of which had key roles during the Removal of the Cherokees.  Other were very active in the early county government and the founding of Calhoun. 
Ms. Spann has been very active the past year doing extensive research on the Calhoun Cemetery.  Her efforts have located several missing gravesites and markers and have established many family relationships, including those of Cherokee families, buried in the cemetery. 
At the meeting, visitors will be given an update on Phase II of the Heritage Center.  The public is invited to attend the meeting.  The Center is located on Highway 11 in Charleston near the school.