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Welcome to History Connection Events

Who hasn't heard of an event, be it genealogical or historical, in the surrounding area that you would have liked to attend, but didn't find out about it until it was too late? Is your hand raised? Mine is. History Connection Events is now THE location to find out about upcoming events in the area surrounding Chattanooga, Tennessee. That includes Atlanta, Knoxville, Nashville, Birmingham and all points in between.

Are you a historian, researcher or hobbyist that enjoys attending these kind of events? Are you a society that needs to notify the community of your upcoming meeting? Are you a presenter or lecturer advertising your upcoming event? You have come to the right place.

Organizations of an historical or genealogical nature are invited to contribute to the calendar and blog. Request permission from the History Connection Events manager at

Do you know of an organization or individual that you would like to have their events posted here? Tell them about us or notify us at this email,  and we will contact them. Bear with us, as this will take some time for organizations to become involved.

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